Michaela Eichwald
at After the Butcher, Berlin
march 6th – april 17th, 2010
POFALLA, willst du mir jetzt komplett den Garaus machen?

There is something satisfying about looking at Berlin based artist Michaela Eichwald’s work presented in a solo-show at After the Butcher, space for art and social questions run by artist Thomas Kilpper. It’s as if Eichwald did a synthesizing job, fusing together heterogeneous elements in one big frieze while at the same time leaving a generous amount of openness and randomness to the piece. Titled „POFALLA, willst Du mir jetzt komplett den Garaus machen?“, the horizontally stretched out paper frieze embraces two thirds of the exhibition space and is the result of eight days of laying out material, choosing and painting on site. As a finished product, it continues to make the visitor feel included in the process of „handling material“, be it Mr. Pofalla, head of the Federal Chancellery of Germany, or text referring to Mike Kelley.

With a background in philosophy, writing and visual production go hand in hand in Eichwald’s practice. Texts by the artist or quotations by other authors are combined with (film) posters, illustrations of works by artists friends or wrapping paper from an ice-cream store. Paint and gloss varnish are applied on and around this personal collection in an abstract, gestural way, liquidly running down the paper in some parts, in others applied in a thicker consistency, forming a framing matrix of matter. Beyond reflecting the special syntax of painting, the fries works like an index for the connectivity between sensual and intellectual activity in general and advocates subjective practice.

Judith Raum

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  1. Tin Pan Ally

    I like „frieze“ (Fries) and „fries“ (Pommes frites) because of „humour“.

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