A:.A:. Avoiding Artevents

Hi W,
very good. thanks
I wrote Frau Mosch from FAG-Museum that the TOTEM is in your Appartment and she should contact you for a spray ++
Perform til blood spreads for a living, will you do that too this week in Cologne?
I hope so. I think some guys of the Krebber class are coming, there is this art fair, Mark Leckey Opening KV and the bloodfeast in the church, galleries, everything on 16. On 15. is the thing with Diederichsen and Tony Conrad at one of the four Buchholz Galleries, etc., Thursday Bar Ornella and other stuff and the Sixpack still exists. What do you think?
Yours MP.S.
Today was double fantasy at Sixpack, but only one fantasy came, the other one has had Darmprobleme. If you don’t like that I offer this text to me few friends here: just say no.

hello, yes. but no. im evented out. but i will be in köln in a couple weeks. maybe we can go for a drink or something you can tell me about ny. this week was full of nykrs emily and jutta and ei and jay. my new exhibition space opens next month, its gonna be called [variable: SHEIK YERBOUTIQUE] *** and *** will do the first show. we should talk about doing a show next year but it has to be called „perform til blood spreads for a living“.
ok. peace. w


3:07 Peace


16.5. 2:15

Clara fand meine Jacke besser als ihre. Tony Conrad and Diedrich: Top-Unterhaltung. Diedrich got the look / through himself. Patrick P. Event eher schlimm. Oder egal? Unwohl. Superpitcher mußte aufhören wg. Polizei, Bob Dylan zu laut. Früh zu Hause, froh, morgen wieder, gerne.

1000 Arten nein zu sagen.

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    admin! SHEIK YERBOUTIQUE ist so super

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    i know



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