Dear Tamara

please don’t blame the Arbeiterwohlfahrt, they are on the right side, the “ArGe” Group are the bad ones (as the name says)
The profiling week is over and I can hardly move, can’t get myself in an upright position. Perhaps I’m too sensible? This is ridiculous: the back won’t make it whereas the head decided to go straight through.
Jeh, my time at Staedelschule was quite good, I think; felt even more “right” when it comes to this one-on-one-situation. Of course I was scared, that they’d come with some real lousy stuff and some stuff was [-] really good!, well, I mentioned nothing harsh (I hope), maybe the harshest thing was: I don’t know what this is demanding. – Too brutal? — No. — I felt a bit like – well, Stevie Wonder, take your pick (Eugene Chadbourne) – in a psychoanalyst-session: the proband is telling and dreaming and showing and I just asked a bit to get a better closer understanding frame and then tried to … (”10.000 $ Reward”) –
If I would have a whole semester or more I would try to think about – not teaching but … äh – mediate? some aesthetical related philosophy, or of course Nietzsche. of course. Or Husserl (phenomenology), yes, important,
and how to do that
You have to have a group of persons, who really like to concentrate on that, to make real harte Textarbeit — offering very little
Dear, what’s going on in Brunswick? — I was scared to death to hear the story of your erotic art student, whom Tino Sehgal art had turned on. This is disgusting!! Throw the swine out. He can take his papers and leave.

Happy Pfingsten, may the boring holy ghost stay away from us and not put his bloody tongue, stick, flame or whatever into the brains of manhood again, — we had that

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